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Captain Hayden Collins will be presenting the Medal of Valor to Corporal Greg Hanthorn at Grady Hospital in Atlanta on Monday April 14.

The Medal of Valor is awarded to members of the Georgia State Defense Force, who distinguish themselves by courageous conduct at the risk of their life, above and beyond the call of duty, while in the service of the State.  It is the highest award that the State of Georgia can bestow upon soldier.

Corporal Greg Hanthorn will be recognized for his bravery while on duty in the State of Georgia, as a member of the Department of Defense.

The true nature of a citizen soldier is represented here in the best of all worlds, as both the citizen and the soldier benefits our society, serving in natural disasters and emergencies both in and out of uniform.  When he is not in uniform, Corporal Hanthorn works with Grady Hospital as a paramedic. 

The reason the Georgia Department of Defense is so successful is because of the service members who come to us with knowledge, background, and experience to serve the State of Georgia.

This presentation also provides an opportunity to shine a light on the many instances in which our soldiers step forward to serve, often unseen by the civilians around them. Exceptional actions such as Corporal Hanthorn’s are recognized with this medal, but they are representative of all our soldiers’ dedication – dedication in which all are equal and are due our respect. It has been Captain Collins’ experience, especially in combat, that our service members give of themselves and think of others before themselves, at almost every occasion.  Presenting the Medal of Valor demonstrates that the State of Georgia honors this commitment and this sacrifice, as seen in such exceptional acts of courage.

The Hayden Collins Radio Program Special Edition Show

“The Hayden Collins Radio Program” will be on the air again at noon this Saturday April 5th with a Special Edition show.

The two hour “Hayden Collins Radio Program” serves up political commentary with a North Georgia sense of humor, and guests ranging from Presidential candidates Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain, Congressmen Allen West and Paul Broun, and a wide range of candidates running for state and federal offices. Broadcast from WYXC in Cartersville, Georgia, Hayden and his “Intelligence Syndicate” across the U.S. will give YOU something to talk about – with a Constitutional look at the world around us, a no-nonsense view of the legislators’ doings at the Gold Dome – and what this means for next month’s primary elections?

Hayden’s in-studio discussions with students and College Republicans from Georgia to Alaska and Hawaii bring the perspective of the Next Generation to the conversation. This Saturday we’ll be talking about the changing seasons: Rabbit Season, Duck Season – or is it just Lame Duck Season?

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