When leadership is required

Austin Collins American Legion Post

December 7th is Pearl Harbor Day.  Many of us know the story of the 1941 surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet that led to the U.S.’s direct involvement in World War II.  It was not our intent to go to war, in fact at that time we were trying to make peace.  No one ever looks for war but wise leaders are always prepared for one.  George Washington once said the thing that sets Americans apart from anyone else is the fact that they would rather die on their feet then serve on their knees.

My family has a direct marker at Pearl Harbor: my cousin Austin Collins went down with the ship, The USS Arizona, and today the American Legion Post in Sebree, Kentucky is named after him.   History sticks with you when you have a direct connection to it.  The Collins family has served in every conflict and paid the price for freedom over and over. And it continues today, as one of my sons in serving in the Navy. This debt is never fully paid.

Modern day changes in policy are conducted at the ballot box and not at the end of a gun.  However, threats are addressed and answered by this example, and evidence can be found in the patriots’ bodies that fill the hallowed sites such as our national cemeteries, battlegrounds and local cemeteries where we place flags to identify those that have taken time from their lives to stand the wall.

Pearl Harbor Day is just as important as Sept 11th in my book.  But today, after Pearl Harbor and after the terrorist attacks of Sept 11th, we find that we are now addressing a choice to serve on our knees or stand and fight for the government that we have fought so hard to maintain.  Today we are threatened by another massive strike on the U.S. and it’s our Debt.

Our national debt CAN be fully paid, and we should consider the future of the next generation when deciding on how to handle this fight. We may be going through hell right now on the economy and hard times are upon us, but the important thing is to keep going and keep moving forward.  Now is not the time to slow down and don’t allow fear to stop you.  We must face the fire and set the example that we want others to follow.  There is no fire, fear or obstacle that has prevented our success as of yet.  Don’t let anything stop this generation from success.

The past generations have done more than enough and a new generation is stepping into the leadership caste with different goals and objects.  This is a very positive thing as we move beyond the Baby Boomer generation that is planning for retirement, to the new generation is planning for the future.  Respect your leaders of the past and help your leaders for the future. 

Let this Pearl Harbor Day be a reminder of the attacks of the past, and of fights and challenges yet to come.  Not looking for war, but wise leaders are always prepared for one.  Don’t let this next crisis be a surprise attack:  prepare for it and let’s strike this threat before it strikes us.  We can destroy the debt threat standing on our feet.

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