Courage and Tenacity

What does it take to go against the odds?  What kind of risk would you take to defend your family and your country?

We have heard many stories about bravery in battle, and those who have protected others during disasters, we applaud the heroes and their achievements – and then check Facebook?  What will it take for us today to recognize how threatened is what we believe America stands for, and what are we willing to do about it?

Worse than the fluctuations of the worldwide economy is the undermining of what America stands for, the gradual slipping away from everything we have fought to uphold in the Constitution that defines it.  This change has been intentional, each foray made in the name of “progress”, but it has led us into dangerous waters.  Do we have the courage to stop and reset our bearings?

In the eyes of the world, America is a beacon of light, and they look to the U.S. for hope, freedom, and justice.  As a country, although we are not perfect, we represent what is good. Yet the current administration makes choices that suggest we should be like Europe: that what America wants is government-provided health care, unemployment for life, and elitists above the law – elite families who maintain leadership because of family and connections, with the least amount of opportunity for success for the common man.

Meanwhile, European countries feel that they should be more like what they believe America is.  They have had enough of excessive social programs and unaccountability in government, and want the freedom that the U.S. used to have: freedom of choice, career, to choose your own destiny.  The freedom to succeed or fail.  The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – rights that in America are protected by the Constitution.

However, you do not have a right for tomorrow – that is not guaranteed.  So you need to act today.

You cannot lead when you are following.  The current administration is mistaken in assuming that we want to follow Europe.  It is not learning from the weaknesses of these countries in Europe that they envy the most – which are the same countries that obviously depend on the U.S. to be the beacon of freedom and leadership in the world.  If the U.S. is perceived as being weak and indecisive, the world responds with challengers – challengers that see an opportunity when a beacon of hope and freedom is perceived as being weak.

The world wants a strong America.  The world wants an America they can depend on – in times of progress and in the desperate times of crisis.  Yet in recent times, as we have seen increasing challenges around the world, we have also seen our elected representatives and leaders more and more frequently apologizing instead of leading.  And instead of finding the causes of those errors that lead to apologies and correcting them, our leaders appear to be looking for more liabilities.  Could we assume they are more concerned about their legacy than they are about your well-being and that of the Constitution, the country, and the world?

What will it take to correct our course, and are we willing to take the risks involved to do it?   This is not something that can be done in the commercial break between television programs. The American people are not too stupid to understand the problems we are confronted with, and we don’t need the government to adjust the information.  We have shown in the past that we, the people, do know how it is, and we need to know how it really is so we can get behind it and fix it.  Get involved – in person, online, or talking with your neighbors.  It will require our commitment and tenacity. And with it, conservative leadership can correct our direction, support our Constitution, and help us regain a position of strength and dependability – for ourselves and for the world.

What we need is to believe that we truly are the beacon of light in the world.  Everybody needs hope, everybody needs a belief that if something goes terribly wrong, that there is somebody out there strong enough to help, and willing to help.  Now it is time to correct our course.

Be About It.



  1. Laura says:

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  2. M.T.Callahan says:

    The Progressive Left, with their enamored penchant for a Marxist State, have twisted the lofty values and morals of decent human beings to their Elitist glorifying agendas, and are using them in ways that are diametrically opposed to what the original values stood for. Beware they lie as convincingly as the Prince of Lies and with the same conviction and end result in mind.

    The whole fabric of our current beliefs about the modern state of affairs that is considered laudable behavior, is based on the Twisted Value System and Politically correct Programming of the lies that have been foisted on us for several generations by those ignoble miscreants now in temporary power, and for whose personal profit and aggrandizement it was to have us believe, as they programmed us to believe.

    The Left has usurped the higher values of humanity, and have bent and twisted them to their own evil and nefarious purposes. It was done to get us to march to the tune of their drummer by using our sense of right and wrong against us. They pretend to have the high moral ground by just paying lip service to Honor and Integrity those values actually stand for, and the feelings they engender in decent human beings.

    I am ready to cast off the ties and shackles they have illegally burdened us with, but to what avail? We must have a clear and concise goal to move towards lest we engender a similar fate as now befalls us. The only answer to that question is for us to thoroughly and completely re-examine the thoughts and directions of our Founders, so we can reignite the passion exhibited by the First Patriots in the Original Revolution.

    As I said, I for one am ready to cast off the false ties that have been imposed on us and expose the lies and liars for what they are, are you?

  3. Gail Engelhardt says:

    Hayden: This was excellent. Thank you for your words of wisdom, truth and with tenacity. I shared your press release post on my Facebook page. Gail