Economic Plans

As a candidate for state Senator for District 52, I bring an openness to new approaches to achieve our goals, the vision and business experience to see them succeed, and the leadership to make the tough decisions to get there.  My economic plan will address job creation in Northwest Georgia on two fronts: making our region attractive to business, and using innovation to make it happen.

Show the world our positive business climate
•       Bring together our local government and business communities to make the decisions that will make us look strong
•       Remove inefficiencies and disincentives – reduce unnecessary fees and government processes that slow down the pace and productivity of business – and make the timely decisions our community needs to move forward
•       Find mutual benefits between businesses – how one company’s growth and expansion provides opportunities for existing companies to improve their business base and to attract new businesses and services to our region.
•       Get the word out there

Use innovation and new energy to create a new magnet for business
Work with county and regional economic development to find opportunities in which new technology can create business synergy, such as the construction of a co-generation plant at one of our landfills located near an under-utilized technology or industrial park:
•       Partner with an energy company that will provide the funding for the construction of the generator facility to convert naturally-occurring methane gas from the landfill and purchase the resulting electricity from our municipality
•       Utilize the co-generated steam to both enable existing companies to lower their cost of doing business by providing a source of low-cost or cost-free power
•       Attract new manufacturers to the industrial park and build their own connections to the co-generation plants, bringing new, good-paying jobs to our region, as well as new demand to our existing businesses, and attracting support vendors to move here
•       No risk to the taxpayers for a partnership that will benefit our region both directly and indirectly for years to come

Use education to provide the knowledge and skills for success
•       Work with our region’s schools and community college training programs to make sure our youth and adults have the foundations and specific expertise for their own futures and to be attractive to businesses and manufactures
•       Promote internships and opportunities for education outside the classroom that provide experience they would not otherwise achieve
•       Initiate a Vision Bridge School program to address a range of educational needs for children in public, private, and home school settings, as well as provide opportunities to put laid-off teachers back to work

I am the leader who understands how it works, how to build capacity through partnerships and business networks, and the value of timely decisions; I have the experience of successfully utilizing organization and communication for large-scale operations. I have the business experience in identifying and implementing cost-cutting strategies for multi-level state and federal budgets, helping to create and maintain revenue streams that benefit local municipalities. In addition to bringing innovation that will improve our economic performance, I am also a community leader who understands how local businesses can support each other, and the important role of community organizations that enrich our lives. And how all these things make Northwest Georgia attractive to new businesses and to our communities. I will choose the most efficient way to get things done for Senate District 52 and for the state of Georgia.

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