Articles from November 2017

The Season

The holiday season is upon us and we are busy preparing to make merry, so to all of you Merry Christmas!

As I reflect upon the celebration and traditions of Christmas I am reminded of how fortunate we are even here in Georgia. Austin Collins was lost with the USS Arizona on December 7th and is remembered each Christmas.  My father was in the Pacific, fighting the Japanese in 1940’s during World War II. He did not have a Mess Hall to sit down and have a Christmas dinner. Nor did he see home for almost four years.  I am certain he did not have “shout outs” back home to friends and family. My father’s brother William was in snow covered fields and forest in China with the Flying Tigers during World War II. I can imagine a hot cup of coffee would have been heaven.

We might not be the “greatest generation”, but we sure have worked to enhance our standard as a state and nation. I sometimes think about those who have served before me and ask myself how important is it to worry about what is being served in the Mess Hall or if the Internet will be fast.

This is a time of year we gather with family and friends, give thanks for the blessings in our lives and share our gifts with others.  As soldiers, we dedicate our time and talents all year to serving our state and our nation and preserving freedom around the world.  I am thankful for this noble calling and for the honor of serving with you. Your nation and your leaders have asked a lot of you this past year.  Recognizing the good in our lives and giving thanks is not always easy during challenging times.

We need to support each other.  Remember that when problems arise, they are temporary, localized, and changeable by your own effort.  Whatever personal or professional challenges you face right now, we have people standing by to support you.  Together we can ensure that all have a safe and joyous holiday.