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The Hayden Collins Radio Program 20 June 2015 Passing from Father to Son
A reflection looking at Blood Lines and the inspiration of those that have come before us, our family trees and the branches that come from that tree. What is the current leadership leaving for the next generation and how is tomorrow going to look better than today.
Part 1 of 4

The Hayden Collins Radio Program 20 June 2015 Kendra Pengelly and Kainoa Costello
Kendra reporting from Brussels takes a look at the effect of taxes and the VAT and the example that Europe is setting on the tax front. Kainoa looking at the cost of government and how the Grand Old Party is raising taxes in several states.

The Hayden Collins Radio Program 20 June 2015 Interview with Catherine Bernard and Nathan Wilson
Hayden interviews Catherine Bernard who is running for Georgia House seat 80 also, a very good conversation about No Knock Warrants and Citizen Rights. Also, Nathan Wilson looks at the back-lash of taxes that take effect July 1 2015 and what it means to local county taxes on SPLOST and the Death of the Fiscal Conservative

The Hayden Collins Radio Program 20 June 2015 ROUNDTABLE Playing Poker with our Future
The Intelligence Syndicate look at the how the political polarization has effected the way we do business. Now sounding off on treaties the political spectrum is calling the setting the example of the pot calling the kettle black. Also, the teams review of the spectrum and the political ratings on the spectrum for those running for President.


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