IRMA Ready to Serve your Neighbor


Though the landfall and potential impacts of Hurricane Irma are currently unknown, our areas of responsibility including but not limited too Local and County Government is working with internal departments and local agencies to ensure readiness and response. This includes reviewing department plans, verifying continuity of operations and conducting assessments on infrastructure throughout the areas of responsibility.

Fully expect this to initiate the following before we start any support missions.

Family First: If you have damage or your family is in need they have top priority.

If one of our own needs help and call for support, we help.

Do not miss work or use vacation days for support unless you have a bunch, use your best judgement and do not jeopardize your employment over service.

We may lose communications if the power is out in several areas. Do not self-deploy.   Expect to hear from your EMA about missions and deployment as services are restored.  Remember we are an augment service during times like this and our call to service will not be immediate.  We will shine with the sun after the storm.

Be ready to answer the call.

Expect, alert conditions and emergency status to change to reflect storm intensity and please check your E mail and voice mail if conditions change. It’s time to prep for rescue efforts. Be ready to pull neighbors out and care for those who need you.

Charge your cell phone. Do not use it after the storm. However, change your voice mail with messages of your status. For example, the storm passed. Alive and well cleaning up. Change the message daily to keep love ones informed.


President Trump

Hayden and Sandra Collins

Hayden and Sandra Collins

President Trump’s address was an optimistic vision for the future of our country and provided a new view for our children’s future. Common ground was presented with goals that should be common with every American wishing success. Re-creating American jobs, making needed investments in our infrastructure, delivering for our veterans, and rebuilding our healthcare system. The president’s call to safely speed approvals for life-saving drugs and devices which is exactly what our technology and drive from the upcoming generation can do and is groundbreaking. Leading this move forward appears to be what the 21st Century Cures Act does. As we move forward, I continue to believe we are better served by working together. The question is, will we see more bipartisan cooperation so that we can get the job done for the American people.